Selected projects and use cases supported by SYSTAR Innovation are listed below. Moreover, backgrounds to our methods and tools are given.

Example optimization studies: "air domain"

  • Selection of the optimal avionics platform for system functions and peripherals o fair distribution systems of an A320-like aircraft.
  • Exhaustive optimization studies with all design automation methods
  • Calculation of the Pareto optimal architectures for mass and operational interruption cost
  • Comparison between manually and automatically generated architectures
  • Analysis of the level of automation, optimization potential and calculation effort

Avionics Architect

  • An integrated development environment for avionics architecture planning
  • Modelling of architectures and requirements
  • Visualization and graphical editing of architectures
  • Early and automated verification, evaluation and comparison of architecture variants
  • An unique optimization framework for improving, completing and generating architectures
  • Multi-objective optimization for trade-off and what-if analyses
  • Report generation